Transmission oil change (More mileage and power)

As per most vehicle manuals transmission oil could last for the entire lifetime of a vehicle provided the car is driven in normal driving conditions, but if you bought your car second hand and has below average fuel economy and sluggish performance, An oil change could change all that. We use factory approved transmission oil as per vehicle manufacturer.

Manual and Automatic transmission repairs.

Does your car skip gears or drives on the same gear, refuses to change gears when stepped down on the accelerator? then those are the symptoms of a failing transmission. Our experienced and qualified technicians can diagnose any error codes off the vehicle ECU and give you a estimate on the repair.
Transmission failures on all major marks undertaken, BMW Mini and Audi are a few.

CVT Transmission Service and repair

New Mini, Audi, Honda and other makes. Continuous variable transmission is quite  an efficient system when it comes to transmissions. For a smooth operation of the system the schedules maintenance and checks has to be made. We undertake all diagnostics and repairs on these systems.

Transmission diagnostics

Our workshop is equipped with all the latest diagnostic equipment and the personnel are all trained and experienced in the field of transmissions for more than 20 years.